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Al Tabeeb Centre Team has unique knowledge and long experience. We will provide you high quality medical care. Schedule a consultation and let us make you smile.

Dentistry Excellency
Exceptional Care

Get your smile makeover. You really can transform your smile.
Permanent artificial tooth root placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge.
Many patients experience stress or nervous behavior when visiting dentists...
Our relaxed approach is gentle, very friendly and engaging.
Wouldn’t it be excellent if all your fillings could be natural looking white fillings.
It is never too late for you to wear braces and benefit of a perfectly aligned smile.
Dental porcelain can be sculpted to closely replicate the look of natural tooth enamel.
Smiling is fun with healthy teeth and gums.
Our holistic approach is designed to thoroughly analyze all the aspects of your dental health.
Patient comfort, strong patient-dentist relationship and the best result with our expert Surgeons.
Root canal treatment does not cause pain , it relieves it.
Our recently installed digital X-ray machine delivers quick, easy & safest procedures than ever.

Derma and Laser

Is a magic of beauty for the years to restore youth of the face and hands
The latest hair removal devices is used in AlTabeeb centers as a Gentle-American device produced by Candela
Skin Peeling works to unify skin tone and improve the appearance of the face, neck, hands and the rest of the body
One of the ways to get rid of fat and slimming in the body is through the introduction of small tubes targeting the places of accumulation of fat
the threads work to tighten the laxation of the skin and stimulate the secretion of collagen, which gives skin freshness and brightness

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Ensure that your body is healthy & strong. No matter you age!

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Copyright @2024 AlTabeeb Specialist Centre

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