Plasma And Threads

Surgical Thread

 A simple procedure in the clinic and takes (15-20) minutes only and the results are immediate and lasts from (3-5) years
 the threads work to tighten the laxation of the skin and stimulate the secretion of  collagen, which gives  skin freshness and brightness
Without surgery and without pain
We also have gold thread with gold atoms and PDO thread known as French

Plasma Injection

This method of treatment  safe used  for  treatment of black eye halos, and it restores the youth and vitality of  skin.
The plasma injection consists of a large amount of stem cells that rejuvenate the skin, and contribute to the treatment of arthritis as it helps cells to regenerate, These are used to stop hair loss, and are used  to remove wrinkles,  renewal of facial skin cells, which gives  freshness, vitality and youth, and is an ideal solution to get rid of dark circles,
Method of injection use:
An appropriate amount of blood is drawn from the patient’s blood. This blood is then treated with special devices in which the plasma is separated from the blood.
 Blood plasma has a good proportion of stem cells inside it. Plasma is mixed with calcium, which is the catalyst for the transfer of stem cells The state of hibernation of the active state, and when activated stem cells in the plasma gives the skin a good amount of growth catalysts that rejuvenate the skin and provide growth enzymes that remove wrinkles and dark circles and treatment of many of the skin problems
The advantages of plasma therapy:
. It depends on the blood taken from the patient itself, which prevents the problem of the body’s non-acceptance of the substance or the sensitivity and exposure to inflammation, but the only negative is the pain caused by the injection,
Plasma injection treatment instructions:
Facial makeup should be completely removed before injecting treatment.
After treatment, face wash should be avoided for approximately 24 hours. It is best to have at least three sessions, and it is important to spend one month between each session, and after the three sessions is recommended to make session once a year to maintain those results,, It is useful for diabetics to be careful to adjust the rate of diabetes before starting this type of treatment.
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