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Pregnancy follow up

.. Diagnosis of pregnancy depends on symptoms and signs such as menopause, nausea and vomiting, uterine enlargement, positive pregnancy analysis, and the final and sure diagnosis will be by ultrasound…
In order to ensure that the pregnancy period passes safely for the mother and fetus, periodic visits must be made to the gynecological clinic. The interval between each visit varies. And another according to the condition of the pregnant woman and the accompanying diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and the presence of a twin pregnancy. The pregnant woman must be tested in every third of her pregnancy, i.e. at an interval of 3 months and at a shorter period if there are accompanying diseases… At Altabeeb center, we follow up the patient from the beginning of her pregnancy until her delivery through Clinical examination, ultrasound, and blood tests

Hirsutism and polycystic ovary:

A problem that has psychological effects in patients… Hirsutism is the appearance of excess hair in a male distribution pattern such as the top of the lip, chin and abdomen, and it is caused by an increase in male hormones, polycystic ovary, and in a few cases, ovarian and adrenal tumors… Polycystic ovary is a chronic condition Those who do not ovulate, infertility and menstrual irregularities..can be detected by clinical examination, ultrasound and hormonal analyzes, and their treatment varies according to each patient and her condition, whether she is tortured..married..desires to become pregnant..does not want to become pregnant..at Al tabeeb center we provide clinical examination services with ultrasound and hormonal analyzes Prescribe the appropriate treatment and follow up the case.

Contraceptive methods :

are many, including very high effectiveness, such as IUDs, progesterone injections, implants, surgical sterilization, and contraceptive pills….. Among the services provided at  Altabeeb  center are IUDs, which is the placement of a T-shaped device inside the uterus, the rate of failure to prevent pregnancy Less than 1%…. There are cases where the IUD cannot be used as a method of contraception, such as uterine abnormalities, the use of corticosteroids, and suspicion of a current pregnancy… Complications of using IUDs. Increased menstrual blood and menstrual pain.. Types of contraception: copper IUDs, which are the most commonly used, and hormonal IUDs called Mirena. They are used as a treatment for some gynecological diseases, in addition to contraception, causing a decrease in menstrual blood and a lack of ovulation for a period that may extend to a year after stopping their use and contraceptive injections… Timing of installation The coil can be done on any day when the pregnancy is denied, preferably during the days of menstruation until the pregnancy is denied

Infertility :

1. Primary infertility Not getting pregnant within a year of intercourse

2. Secondary infertility Not having pregnancy and infertility after a previous pregnancy… It has several causes, including reasons related to the ovaries, uterus and tubes, and reasons related to the male factor…. We can through An integrated clinical examination, a clinical history, ultrasound procedures, an ultrasound of the uterus, and sometimes a laparoscopy to detect most causes of infertility and follow-up with the patient until she has a successful pregnancy.

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