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One of the ways to get rid of fat and slimming in the body is through the introduction of small tubes  targeting the places of accumulation of fat,
 there are multiple techniques have emerged in recent years, where the methods of liposuction safer and less painful, and easier
These techniques include:
Tumescent liposuction – By injecting a sterile solution into the area , this solution contains Liduca and adrenaline. This solution makes the pain less
Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction: This suction is performed by using subcutaneous ultrasound to break the walls of fat cells, making it easy to remove and dissolve.
Laser liposuction – Laser-assisted liposuction – Uses energy waves to dissolve fat.
This type of fluid allows the surgeon to pull out hard fat faster, may cause less pain and swelling than other methods, and may allow the surgeon to remove fat more accurately, especially in smaller areas Size, such as arms, knees.
Tips before liposuction
Before the operation, the patient needs to undergo certain health tests to ensure that his body is suitable for surgery. The medical team will also ask the patient to:
Stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs for at least two weeks before surgery.
Women may be asked to stop taking oral contraceptives.
Patients with anemia may be asked to take iron supplements.
After liposuction
There are some things the patient may need after the liposuction process including:
 Patients who have been fully anesthetized can stay overnight in the hospital, while those who have been anesthetized locally can leave the hospital on the same day.
Give patients antibiotics immediately after surgery.
v The doctor may prescribe or recommend some painkillers to relieve pain and inflammation.
v Some bruises may appear in the affected area.
Patients may feel numb in the area where fat has been removed and should improve within 6-8 weeks.

Surgical Thread

 A simple procedure in the clinic and takes (15-20) minutes only and the results are immediate and lasts from (3-5) years
 the threads work to tighten the laxation of the skin and stimulate the secretion of  collagen, which gives  skin freshness and brightness
Without surgery and without pain
We also have gold thread with gold atoms and PDO thread known as French

Plasma Injection

This method of treatment  safe used  for  treatment of black eye halos, and it restores the youth and vitality of  skin.
The plasma injection consists of a large amount of stem cells that rejuvenate the skin, and contribute to the treatment of arthritis as it helps cells to regenerate, These are used to stop hair loss, and are used  to remove wrinkles,  renewal of facial skin cells, which gives  freshness, vitality and youth, and is an ideal solution to get rid of dark circles,
Method of injection use:
An appropriate amount of blood is drawn from the patient’s blood. This blood is then treated with special devices in which the plasma is separated from the blood.
 Blood plasma has a good proportion of stem cells inside it. Plasma is mixed with calcium, which is the catalyst for the transfer of stem cells The state of hibernation of the active state, and when activated stem cells in the plasma gives the skin a good amount of growth catalysts that rejuvenate the skin and provide growth enzymes that remove wrinkles and dark circles and treatment of many of the skin problems
The advantages of plasma therapy:
. It depends on the blood taken from the patient itself, which prevents the problem of the body’s non-acceptance of the substance or the sensitivity and exposure to inflammation, but the only negative is the pain caused by the injection,
Plasma injection treatment instructions:
Facial makeup should be completely removed before injecting treatment.
After treatment, face wash should be avoided for approximately 24 hours. It is best to have at least three sessions, and it is important to spend one month between each session, and after the three sessions is recommended to make session once a year to maintain those results,, It is useful for diabetics to be careful to adjust the rate of diabetes before starting this type of treatment.


Skin Peeling works to unify skin tone and improve the appearance  of the face, neck, hands and the rest of the body
The new skin will be more smooth and less wrinkled than the old skin that has been peeled.
Uses of chemical peeling:
 Improve the appearance of light wounds
 Improve skin texture by softening and improving its appearance
 Remove fine wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth Rejuvenate the skin by unifying its color and texture Reducing facial pigments from darkening, wrinkling and dark spots
 Removing light wrinkles from sun exposure, peeling salicylic acid And reduce the effects of acne.
 It is used in the treatment of inflammation and germs by wiping the place of the blisters. And works to unify the skin
color and get rid of pigmentation caused by the sun or fatigue
Types of chemical peeling
There are three types of chemical peels:
1- Surface Chemical Peeling : is the most common and widespread type , the least painful, where pain is limited to feeling simple stings and tingling in the face. This is done by thoroughly cleaning the face with water and drying it, adding a chemical to it for a few minutes the patient in this type can return directly to  his normal life.
2- Medium Chemical Peeling :are more painful than surface peels, use a stronger chemical , leave longer on the face before being wiped by a piece of gauze,  and the patient needs a week to  returns to his life naturally.
3- Deep chemical peeling : takes a long time. It is the most painful of the three species, where the patient is completely numb, and the skin is completely cleaned. It takes up to two weeks for the skin to grow again.
Benefits of facial peeling
  • Skin  smoothness, and eliminate many of its problems, such as: pimples, acne  and the growth of new skin free of impurities.
  • Treatment of different skin pigments.
  • and treat facial lines, especially surrounding the mouth, eyes and the front of the head.
  • Treatment of wrinkles at different degrees.
  • Treatment of various skin tics and thus resistance to signs of aging
  • Treatment of scars and traces of wounds in the face and eliminate them completely.
  • Lighten the color of the skin, and uniformity of color, and get rid of dark spots in them.
  • Treat the skin problems caused by exposure to the sun for long periods.
  • Increase facial vitality, freshness and beauty.


Treatment for skin tone and toning
Safe and non-surgical and without pain used for fresh skin and remove pigments and is used around the eye without any side effects
At AlTabeeb center, this technique is a  (free) procedure for any facial treat, either with sessions of vigor or laser.

Spectra Laser And Carbonic Peeling

leave your skin to talk about you and reflect your beauty.
The Carbon Spectra Laser at   AlTabeeb Specialist  Center gives you an attractive skin by removing the surface layer to show the young layer. It is also used with other programs and protocols according to the purpose of the treatment.
(Soft texture – lighter and uniform color – skin polishing – smaller pores – improved appearance of acne – hairy hair – soft hair removal – face lift
The latest hair removal devices used in  Al Tabeeb Centres are  Gentle-American device produced by Candela / SplendorX.
The device is characterized by a comfortable cooling system with dynamic spray and is completely different from the air cooling adopted in the rest of the other devices.
This depends on the direction of the laser to the specific strength and during periods of time to scientifically reach the folds of the bulb and get rid of unwanted hair.
The number of sessions ranges between 6-8 sessions and we have a special system for sensitive skin.
And the most important thing is that we do not use cortisone topical after the sessions to extinguish the damage caused by the skin, especially the face. We have our own distinctive style.
Secure – Comfortable – Unique – special programs
When  the use of laser hair removal is not allowed?
– After direct exposure to the sun for long periods without the use of sunscreen creams.
– Pregnancy.
– Menstrual cycle disorders where hair growth may be caused by hormonal disorders.
– Immediately after the use of hair removal methods.
– Diseases of convulsions and epilepsy.
– Some drugs such as tetracycline, fluidity and ketotin.
– Taking immunosuppressive drugs.
– Vitiligo.
– The presence of wounds or skin infections.


Is a magic of beauty for the years to restore youth of the face and hands. It is used to fill the blanks in the cheeks, lips, under the eyes, around the mouth and lines of the smile, so that the lines and wrinkles of the age disappear.
It also helps to change some details such as the shape of the nose, curve or  the shape of thin lips as well as correct some of the abnormalities such as non-symmetry of lip or face.
At Al Tabeeb Centre, choose the shape you dream of.


It is used in  treatment of wrinkles of the forehead, around the eye, around eye-brows and long lines of the neck in addition to the gummy smile.
Al Tabeeb Centre provides the treatment of wrinkles and expression to ensure the preservation of natural expressions of the face.
In addition, it is used to treat hyperhidrosis of some areas such as the abdomen and palm.


One of the most innovative techniques in the world of  beauty, a non-surgical cosmetic treatment.
In addition to the temporary complications immediately after treatment, which is lasting for no more than 48 hours, the advantage of Mesotherapy is characterized by the absence of any side effects. This cosmetic treatment of mesotherapy uses local injections. This technique is used to solve various skin problems, treat hair loss problems, dissolve fat and remove cellulite.
Benefits of Mesotherapy for Skin :
 Remove wrinkles and signs of ageing.
 Remove skin pigments and ulcers.
 Treatment of acne effects.
 Treatment of body cracks..
 Rejuvenation of the skin and its vitality and youth.
 Activate blood circulation.
 Treatment of facial pores and improve the shape of the face.
The prohibited categories of use of Mesotherapy:
 Heart patients.
 Pregnant and nursing.
 Cancer patients.
 Diabetics.
 Who have had blood clots or blood diseases.
 who have had strokes.
 People with skin infections.
 Psoriasis sufferers.
 Herpes patients.
 People with immune diseases.
 Method of using Mesotherapy:
 This technique is used in two ways. The doctor determines which method is appropriate for the patient’s condition:
 1 /  manual injection method, using precise injection needles, are injected deeply into the layers of the skin medium, and most characteristic of this method is the doctor’s control over the depth of injection.
 2 / The use of precision injection devices, and these devices are in the form of a pistol, where the needles of injection, are characterized by the method of speed, accuracy, and stability.
Temporary side effects of mesotherapy:
 swelling
 appearance of bruises.
 sensation of pain.
 microbial infection.
 allergic reactions.
Notes for the Mesotherapy:
 The patient may need from five to fifteen sessions, depending on the condition of the patient.
 The patient needs a session every week, two weeks, a month or every year as the case may be.
 Anyone of different ages can benefit from the Mesotherapy technique, available for ages 18-75 years.
 Note the difference after the first session in 24 hours.
 The patient does not need anesthesia during injection.
 The substances used for injections are vasodilators, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle stress relievers, protein-status enzymes, biological substances, vitamins, and hormones.
 The period of treatment varies from ten months to a year, may need the patient to take the treatment again, and the skin may return to the previous state if the treatment was stopped.
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