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Enjoyable Pediatric Dental Care at Al Tabeeb Dental Centre

When it comes to caring for your child’s smile, your family deserves a Pediatric Dentist that understands the unique needs of young patients. 

Through creating a non-confrontational environment and using Tell-Show-Do approach, we’re able to impress an atmosphere where children of all ages feel respected, safe and well-cared for.

Parents enjoy the pleasant, stress free environment as well!

We invite you to relax in the reception room and enjoy a few minutes to yourself. Feel free to share your experience with us so that we can better meet any unique concerns of you or your child.

Safer, Child-Focused Oral Health Care

Thanks to advancements in digital technology, we’re able to capture X-rays that use extremely low levels of radiation while enhancing the resolution of the images captured. By taking X-rays at your child’s checkup, we can thoroughly assess areas that aren’t clinically visible during a visual exam. Such as:

  • Decay between or inside of teeth
  • Abscesses
  • Developmental anomalies
  • Impacted teeth
  • Tooth alignment and eruption patterns
  • Cysts and infections

During your child’s routine checkup, we offer services such as:

  • Six Month Exams – A child’s smile is always changing. Through regular exams each year, we’re able to monitor the changes in your child’s oral anatomy, in the event any interceptive treatments are necessary.
  • Teeth Cleanings – We pace your child’s visit in a way that is upbeat, comfortable and on their terms. During their cleaning, we’ll go over essential oral hygiene skills to help develop healthy habits that last well into adulthood.
  • Protective Dental Sealants – Placing a protective seal over the deep grooves of back teeth can reduce the chance of decay from forming. Sealed teeth are easy to clean, and the sealant takes only a few minutes to place. No numbing is needed!
  • Fluoride Treatments – After your child’s cleaning, we’ll apply fluoride to aid in strong enamel development and resistance against decay. We can even prescribe fluoride for home use if your child is in braces or prone to developing a high number of cavities.
  • Protective Sports Mouthguards – A custom mouthguard is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to athletic equipment. Our specially fitted mouthpieces reduce the risk of injured teeth, lips and gums.
  • Digital X-rays – With the help of low radiation dental radiography, we can evaluate your child’s developing oral anatomy and intercept problems before they have a chance to become more complex. Digital technology reduces radiation by as much as 90%.

Emergency Cases

Some of the different emergencies that we see include:

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
  • Abscesses
  • Gum infections
  • Athletic injuries
  • Accidental trauma


Behavior Management


Children are naturally inquisitive. Fear of the dentist usually comes from not knowing or understanding what is going to happen next.

That’s why we use a Tell-Show-Do approach to basic procedures like cleanings, X-rays and exams. Your child can touch and feel some of the instruments (such as a mirror or suction) to create a sense of familiarity before their care begins.


Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”)

Analgesia is used in most restorative procedures, such as fillings and crowns. Nitrous oxide is the analgesic of choice, as it is fast-acting and extremely safe. The soft nosepiece slips into place and your child breathes a fruity-scented air while we work on their teeth. It can make some children feel sleepy, giggly or tingly in their fingers and toes.

General Anesthesia /Sedation for Special Cases

Some children require actual sedation for their dental procedure, either due to special needs or medical concerns. Our pediatric dentist can complete large or complex cases at a hospital setting with anesthesia experts on staff.

Nervous Parents? We Can Help With That, Too!

If you had a bad experience with the dentist growing up, your anxiety could easily be projected onto your child without you realizing it. Our Pediatric Dentist wants you to feel just as relaxed as your child that we’re seeing. Through close communication with you and your family, we’re able to ease the minds and hesitations of parents that may not have experienced positive dental care while growing up.

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