The latest hair removal devices is used in  Altabeeb centers as a Gentle-American device produced by Candela
The device is characterized by a comfortable cooling system with dynamic spray and is completely different from the air cooling adopted in the rest of the other devices
This depends on the direction of the laser to the specific poetic strength and during periods of time to scientifically reach the folds of the bulb and get rid of unwanted hair
The number of sessions ranges between 6-8 sessions and we have a special system for sensitive skin.
And the most important thing that we do not use cortisone topical after the sessions to extinguish the damage caused by the skin, especially the face. We have our own distinctive style.
Secure - comfortable - Uniuqe - special programs
When  the use of laser hair removal is not allowed?
- After direct exposure to the sun for long periods without the use of sunscreen creams.
 - Pregnancy.
-  Cycle disorders where hair growth may be caused by hormonal disorders.
- Immediately after the use of hair removal methods.
- Diseases of convulsions and epilepsy.
- Some drugs such as tetracycline, fluidity and ketotin.
- Taking immunosuppressive drugs.
- vitiligo.
- The presence of wounds or skin infections.