It is never too late for you to wear braces and benefit of a perfectly align smile. With nowadays advanced technologies, we offer several technics to modify your teeth alignment. 

What is  Invisalign braces?

Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the projected final position.

How does Invisalign work?

Through the use of our patented thermoplastic design, Invisalign aligners move your teeth through the appropriate placement of controlled force. The main difference is that Invisalign not only controls the force, but also the timing of the force application. During each stage, only certain teeth are allowed to move. These movements are determined by your doctor as he or she maps out your unique Invisalign treatment plan.

How long does the process   ?

Your doctor will schedule regular appointments usually about once every four to six weeks. The goal of these visits is to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

What are the benefits Invisalign?

Invisalign braces are completely transparent and  almost invisible which makes them very popular.

Many of our patients who are subject to such conditions found Invisalign solution's to be the most comfortable option in comparison with traditional ones. The reason is the whole thing is removable and changeable during the process. From clinical hand, the vulnerability of the gum and tissues of wounds and harm from the use of this type of a few ingredients, as has been proved that some of the treatments in which the ingredients used Invisalign was faster than traditional ingredients.

Would Invisalign fit me?

At Al Tabeeb Centre we will define fairly if this solution could fit you and if this is the best option for your case. 

Invisalign can be used to treat the following medical cases:

  • Orthodontics.
  • Gap between the teeth.
  • Some cases of the bite overlay.
  • Some cases of side bite overlay.

How much time should wear stabilizers dental retainers?

You should be prepared to wear stabilizers teeth at all times except when eating, brushing and flossing your teeth. Invisalign must be worn for 22 hours to 23 hours a day to achieve great results in a reasonable amount of time. 

Does the process cause discomfort?

It is natural to feel discomfort at first but this is temporary and sensation will disapear in early stages of the treatment. You must remember that the discomfort you may encounter is a good sign as it reflects the pressure braces has on your teeth. 

How do I start ?

During your first consultation, we will discuss about your needs and examine what could be arranged. We will be taking pictures and measurements so we can set up an entire treatment plan and have a better view of what can be actually achieved. Through cutting edge technology, we can have a first impression on the final results.

What is the ideal age to wear Invisalign braces?

Any age above 18 years old is considered appropriate to experience. Gone are the days in which human "great age" is the degree to prevent him from wearing the elements after the latest developments in the field of cosmetic dentistry appearance. So remember that you are never too old to the point of keeping you from wearing the ingredients.