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Why shall I whiten my teeth?

Many factors can affect the color of your teeth and the overall appearance of your smile, the reason being that enamel surface's holds food and drink stains on your teeth creating an effect of dirtiness. 

What is the teeth whitening process ?

in the field of teeth whitening unique specifications is safe, effective and fast. At approximately the time and relaxed while seated or you enjoy watching a movie like those presented in theaters are whitening your teeth with 6 to 8 layers of shading or more during your lunch break.

This experience has been gained space widely in the media have been addressed in the famous programs   where Whitening Gel mode, a component of substance hydrogen peroxide and processor in a scientific way, to the teeth with sheds a zoom  spectrum of light to speed up the process and achieve results impressive without any negative effects on personal safety because the hydrogen peroxide during the process turns into oxygen and removes particles left by food, drink and cigarettes on the tooth enamel and gives us the ultimate white teeth whiter.

What is the process of teeth whitening done at home?

It includes actor and safe at home teeth whitening system taking precise measurements of your teeth and provide you with  whitening manufactured specially for you professionally. We opened our supervision and our directives will get a whitening gel thin textures placed inside the trays, bleaching trays and then ride on the teeth. This method provides safety for your teeth and gums, but must be under our supervision, and you will notice the results are generally within a few days.

Is this process of whitening is safe and efficient at Al Tabeeb Centre? 

Al Tabeeb Centre has extensive experience and qualification in teeth whitening and our main priority is your satisfaction and your safety.