Fresh breath

AlTabeeb Dental understands how important it is to have fresh breath. Although a mouth rinse or mint may seem like a solution to overcome bad breath, these methods may just be masking a potentially more complex or serious issue.

We can help you enhance the freshness of your breath and take away the embarrassment bad breath (halitosis) often causes. With our targeted treatment approach to healthy, fresh breath you can breathe confidently in any social situation.

Al Tabeeb Dental has helped thousands of patients over the years combat many bad breath concerns with a plan customised to your specific needs.

The causes of bad breath is quite broad as there is often multiple reasons. Our analysis involves discussion of dietary habits, medications, medical problems (e.g sinus, bronchitis), dry mouth (xerostomia) and  habits such as smoking. We will also help you with any  oral hygiene concerns that may cause bad breath.

Our fresh breath analysis also includes checking for bacterial plaque, tartar, proteins, decay, gum disease, draining abscesses, tongue hygiene or loose dental work (e.g fillings, veneers, crowns, implants or dentures).

Once all your specific bad breath concerns are fully analysed and targeted, AlTabeeb Dental will tailor a unique plan especially for you. The fresh breath treatment plan is especially designed to get to the actual source of your bad breath issues. This may involve specific treatments or specialised products to get your breath fresh and healthy without any more cover-ups!