Holistic dentistry 300x300

Holistic dentistry involves assessment of your overall general health, well being and lifestyle. These factors can affect the long term health of your teeth and gums.

At AlTabeeb Dental we are passionate about holistic dentistry that encompasses preventative dental methods designed to suit your individual dental needs.

Holistic dentistry involves providing methods of dental prevention and treatment that also enhances your entire body and general health.

Bio-compatible dental materials and methods

  • We always choose bio-compatible dental materials . The old style black or silver amalgam fillings are Occasion used.
  • We always use dental dam whenever root canals are required to prevent contaminants entering your body.
  • We always wear gloves and masks, sterilise our dental instruments in the highest standard autoclave.
  • We have latex free dental gloves and dental dam for those patients with rubber allergies.
  • Whenever X-rays are required, we only use digital X-rays to greatly reduce radiation levels to the lowest amounts possible.
  • We use a laser detection system (diagnodent) to help find decay before it has a chance to spread.

Preventive holistic dentistry

After a comprehensive examination, any dental problems will be treated with the most preventative methods available. For example, if you have a cavity we don’t simply fill it. We always consider what tooth structure is remaining and its condition, the size of the cavity and confirm if it has had fillings or root canal treatment in the past. This way, we can determine the best ways to maintain the integrity of your teeth keep them functioning and looking there best lifelong. Although preventive holistic dentistry takes time and dedication the results achieved are second to none.

Nutritional stress

Diet can have an extensive effect on your dental health. If it is low in vegetables, fruit or fibre and high in sugar, processed foods, alcohol or caffeine poor dental conditions are likely to prevail. We can help you with your dietary issues to help prevent or control any dental problems that often occur. To aid in healing and dental prevention dietary supplements may also be recommended.

Life stress

Everyday life stresses can have a profound effect on our teeth, gums and oral health in the way they function. Problems such as mouth ulcers, receding gums, sensitive or loose teeth, fractured or worn down teeth may develop.

Other problems such as migraine, headache or painful jaw joints can also occur from life stresses. Holistic dentistry considers all these factors to help re-balance your teeth back into positive health.

General medications

Some medications prescribed by your doctor may have negative dental outcomes. Some medications designed to help prevent osteoporosis (Bisphosphonates e.g Fosomax) may cause serious dental problems. If an extraction is required and you are taking Bisphosphonates medication very painful long term ulcers may form in the bone (osteonecrosis of the jaw). Many medications can also lead to reduced salivary flow (dry mouth). This can promote severe decay and other dental problems. Your medical history is carefully documented and assessed to help find preventative strategies that may alleviate the negative effects some medications can have on your dental health.