White fillings 300x300

Wouldn’t it be excellent if all your fillings could be natural looking white fillings. At AlTabeeb Dental Centre, Rarely need to have the old style silver amalgam or metal fillings that contain mercury.

New age white fillings are mercury free and are made from a variety of high quality dental materials. These include porcelain and composite resin.

At AlTabeeb Dental we Rarely use metal or silver amalgam fillings.

White fillings are also a much more environmentally friendly choice, do not corrode or expand and are often considered to be a healthier option too.

White fillings do not contain any mercury and bond securely to your tooth. Unlike metal or silver fillings only a minimum amount of tooth preparation is required. The life expectancy of a white filling can vary depending how heavy the bite comes together and how large the cavity is. We have found new age white fillings are very durable and often last many years.

If you have a very large cavity or your tooth is fractured, other alternatives such as porcelain crowns or porcelain overlays may be a more suitable alternative. Your Al Tabeeb Dental dentist will always advise you about the most suitable option to restore your tooth.

Now that white fillings have come of age you no longer do you need to show unattractive metal or silver amalgam fillings when you talk, laugh or smile.