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Porcelain crowns7

Porcelain crowns can be used in many situations to fix teeth in need of structural or cosmetic improvement.

If you have a damaged tooth that is cracked, fractured or severely worn a porcelain crown is often required.

A porcelain crown is also considered if your tooth is badly decayed, has a large broken or lost filling, or has had root canal treatment.

Porcelain crowns are also useful for many cosmetic dental needs. They can be used to fix many aesthetic or cosmetic issues including deep discoloration and large unsightly fillings to make your teeth appear brighter, straighter and more symmetrical. Porcelain crowns can even help you with chewing or speaking concerns that may result if a tooth is damaged.

What is the procedure?

After a consultation with our highly skilled dentist at Al Tabeeb Dental Centre your tooth is carefully prepared. Precise impressions and measurements are made to customise the porcelain crown to accurately fit your affected tooth.  Our porcelain crowns are meticulously crafted with the highest standards by our long term dental laboratory which provide individual custom shading. The outcome is a beautiful long lasting porcelain crown with a lifelike appearance that blends with your natural teeth and is usually completed in only two visits.

What material is used in porcelain crowns that are metal free?

The inside surface of porcelain crowns that are metal free is made of  Zirconia. This material is one of the most technologically advanced materials available. The Zirconia is formed into its correct shape with a highly sophisticated milling machine from a scanned computer cad cam model of your tooth.  Being metal free, Zirconia crowns do not have that all too common black or silver line near the gum and there is no risk of metal allergies. Zirconia is one of the strongest ceramic materials used inside porcelain crowns and will give your tooth a long lasting, lifelike appearance.

Porcelain crowns can dramatically improve the appearance, function and strength of your tooth and help it last lifelong. Porcelain crowns usually last decades with proper care and good oral hygiene.