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At AlTabeeb Dental we understand dry mouth and have developed methods to help you better manage the condition, improve your oral health and the debilitating symptoms often associated with dry mouth.

What is dry mouth?

Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is due to a reduction in saliva or spit you produce in your mouth. Saliva is a very important part of a healthy mouth and body. It has many important functions including mouth lubrication and digesting food. It acts as a natural cavity fighter by washing away food particles and bacteria whilst reducing the acidity that leads to decay in our mouths. There is also protective proteins, enzymes and minerals in saliva that helps to strengthen and protect tooth enamel to stop cavities from developing.


Reduced salivary flow or dry mouth can lead to many debilitating symtoms such as difficulties with speech, eating, bad breath (halitosis), tasting, swallowing and cracked lips. Your dental health can be severely compromised due to a greatly increased risk of  tooth decay, gum disease and mouth infections. Some of these problems can be so severe that tooth loss may occur.


There are numerous causes of dry mouth such as many drugs or medications. In fact around six hundred drugs are responsible including antihistamines, high blood pressure medications, decongestants, sedatives, antidepressants and illegal drugs. Other related causes of dry mouth are diabetes, parkinson’s, hypertension, Sjögren’s syndrome, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dehydration, mouth breathing, sleep apnea, hormonal changes, smoking and alcohol.


At AlTabeeb Dental we take a comprehensive medical and dental history including assessment of the various medications, lifestyle factors or certain diseases that may be aggravating your dry mouth. We will assist you with many preventative methods such as quitting cigarette smoking, increased mouth hydration and customised oral hygiene measures. We also provide specifically tailored products such as specialised tooth pastes, mouth rinses, enamel remineralising agents, topical gels, saliva substitutes and specially formulated chewing gum.

Our aim at AlTabeeb Dental is to provide you with appropriate dry mouth information, strategies, products and relief measures tailored to your individual needs. We will also help prevent or actively repair any dental conditions or infections that may develop caused by dry mouth.