Who thought childrens dentistry couldn’t be positive or fun!

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AlTabeeb dental is committed to providing childrens dentistry, preventive dental care and treatment to our young patients. Our relaxed approach is gentle, very friendly and engaging. We take the fear and apprehension out of dentistry and make it positive and fun.

The first dental examination your child experiences involves explanation in a way they can fully understand combined with encouragement, motivation and reward.

Childrens dentistry at AlTabeeb Dental can help your child enjoy going to the dentist and develop a foundation of good dental health. This can prepare them for a positive and proactive approach to dental care throughout their entire life.

Childrens dentistry is provided in a relaxed, yet professional environment using the latest state of the art equipment, dental materials and methods. Mercury free white fillings, numbing creams, needle free injections and preventive dental methods such as fissure sealants are used when required. Only minimal and safe dental anaesthetics are administered when appropriate.

Your child will feel comfortable and safe and we provide a large variety of children’s DVD’s to watch whilst having dental treatment. Show bags are freely given at the end of your child’s appointment and we often find our young patients look forward to their return visit.