Do not expouse directly to sun after a peeling session and use a sunscreen prescribed by your doctor.
Family members, especially children, should be informed about the shape and color of the face expected after peeling, 
Do not get out of the house without sunscreen and reapply every two hours.
Put some ice on the skin immediately after peeling and repet for 10 - 15 minutes.
 start using the humidifier after two days of chemical peeling.
It is recommended to avoid using hot water 
Avoid touching or removing the crusts that appear on the skin after chemical peeling, and do not touch your face.
Do not use cosmetics for at least a week after peeling.
Remember, do not use anti-acne creams or creams when your skin is peeled.
Avoid pruning or any other method of hair removal during the chemical peeling of the skin.
Use prescribed ointments and creams regularly and inform your doctor of any abnormal skin changes.
If you have deep peeling, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic to avoid infection 
Important Notes :
Light skin peeling does not require recovery, but it is important to continue using the skin moisturizer and protect against exposure to sunlight. The skin usually needs about three to seven sessions of mild peeling to get the desired result, noting the separation between the session and the other about a week to two weeks, and can be re-peeling whenever necessary.
As for the average chemical skin peeling, it needs constant and regular skin care including sun protection, moisturizing cream, and camouflage makeup to mask the effects of peeling on the skin for two to three weeks until the skin disappears. At any time after two months of the previous session, usually no more than three sessions of average chemical peeling for each full treatment session.
Strong chemical peeling requires more time for recovery, including painkillers,