the following instructions must be known:
- Stay away from the sun  before your session, you can not apply it and your skin is exposed to the sun or "tan".
- Absolutely deviate from any of the tanning products for the skin.
- Some types of hair and skin can be a bit harder to cure - but it is not impossible, black hair follicles are usually easier than gray, blond and red in treatment because the laser targets the hair dye, and the darker skin color is also difficult to treat, Not impossible.
- You should protect your skin well from the sun after laser sessions because the skin is more sensitive than ever before.
- Also avoid perfume, deodorant and hot baths for 24 to 48 hours after lazer treatment,
How do we make the most of the session?
- Do not use the means of extracting hair such as plasters for a period of four to six weeks before treatment, where the laser needs the dye of melanin in the hair follicles.
- The hair removal shaving(A razor blade) can be used 24 hours before treatment, keeping  on the roots containing melanin.
- Avoid exposure to the sun to acquire tanning long enough before treatment and can use anti-UV creams in the case of sun exposure.
Do not cover areas to be treated with lotions or creams.