1 - Press  continuously on the gauze provided by the nurse for an hour after extraction to stop bleeding.
2 - Change the gauze if filled with blood and make sure the  gauz size suitable for the place of extraction
3 - prefer not to eat food, whatever it is for (2-3) hours after  surgery.
4 - Do not eat drinks or hot foods or pepper or spices on the same day of extraction.
5 - Eat soft foods and soup during the first three days.
6 - Do not worry if you find your saliva mixed with a little blood.
7 - Avoid touching the place of extraction by finger 
8 -  use  rinse with water and salt next day of  extraction or surgery 
9 - You should take medicines prescribed to you by the doctor (if described to you).
10. If the wound is bleeding again, repeat the first step.
11. Please contact your doctor in case of emergency.
12 - Be careful not to bite the places of anesthesia after you leave the clinic until disappearance of it / parents attention if he was a child.
13 -stop smoking or any process of suction for 1-2 days
14 - Put a small ice  bag  on the cheek / external area of ​​the surgery / for 5 minutes and remove for 10 minutes refining this process for at least an hour.
15 - Please pay attention to hygiene, especially this period (using the brush and paste) after the first day.