Skin Peeling works to unify skin tone and improve the appearance  of the face, neck, hands and the rest of the body
The new skin will be more smooth and less wrinkled than the old skin that has been peeled.
Uses of chemical peeling:
 Improve the appearance of light wounds
 Improve skin texture by softening and improving its appearance
 Remove fine wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth Rejuvenate the skin by unifying its color and texture Reducing facial pigments from darkening, wrinkling and dark spots
 Removing light wrinkles from sun exposure, peeling salicylic acid And reduce the effects of acne.
 It is used in the treatment of inflammation and germs by wiping the place of the blisters. And works to unify the skin 
color and get rid of pigmentation caused by the sun or fatigue
Types of chemical peeling
There are three types of chemical peels:
Surface Chemical Peeling : is the most common and widespread type , the least painful, where pain is limited to feeling simple stings and tingling in the face. This is done by thoroughly cleaning the face with water and drying it, adding a chemical to it for a few minutes the patient in this type can return directly to  his normal life.
v Medium Chemical Peeling :are more painful than surface peels, use a stronger chemical , leave longer on the face before being wiped by a piece of gauze,  and the patient needs a week to  returns to his life naturally.
Deep chemical peeling : takes a long time. It is the most painful of the three species, where the patient is completely numb, and the skin is completely cleaned. It takes up to two weeks for the skin to grow again.
Benefits of facial peeling
v Skin  smoothness,
and eliminate many of its problems, such as: pimples, acne  and the growth of new skin free of impurities.
Treatment of different skin pigments.
v and treat facial lines, especially surrounding the mouth, eyes and the front of the head.
Treatment of wrinkles at different degrees.
v Treatment of various skin tics and thus resistance to signs of aging
Treatment of scars and traces of wounds in the face and eliminate them completely.
v Lighten the color of the skin, and uniformity of color, and get rid of dark spots in them.
v Treat the skin problems caused by exposure to the sun for long periods.
v Increase facial vitality, freshness and beauty.