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If you need root canal treatment , AlTabeeb Dental is dedicated to helping you.

At AlTabeeb Dental, root canal treatment can solve your tooth ache. It is certainly not a frightening or painful procedure but rather the solution to getting a pain free tooth and a restful night’s sleep!

What are the common causes that can lead to root canal treatment?

If your tooth has been knocked, heavily filled, cracked or decayed this may lead to pain, infection or darkening of your tooth. If any of these symptoms occur then there is a possibility that your tooth requires root canal treatment. Also known as endodontic treatment or root canal therapy.

How do I know if my tooth requires root canal treatment?

At AlTabeeb Dental we carefully examine and assess the condition of your tooth to identify if your tooth requires root canal treatment or not. This involves several specialised tests including digital x-rays.

What is the procedure for root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment at AlTabeeb Dental is the virtually pain free way to eliminate the often agonising pain an infected or highly inflamed tooth may have and helps to prevent worsening pain or infection. It is a highly skilled area of dentistry and usually involves several visits. As shown below on the video it involves removing and cleaning away the infection inside the nerve of your tooth. On completion of your root canal treatment a biologically compatible rubber material is sealed inside the nerve to prevent infection re-entering. A white filling or post, core and strong porcelain crown is then bonded onto your tooth to strengthen it.

What is the success rates of root canal treatment?

Around 90% of root canal treatments are successful. At AlTabeeb Dental we use a state-of-the-art electronic cleaning and measuring device called the Tri-Auto ZX. This high-tech device often helps your root canal treatment to be much more comfortable, predictable, safer and faster. Root canal treatment is also usually painless thanks to the use of the Tri-Auto ZX and technological advances in dental anaesthetic.

What are the alternatives to root canal treatment?

You may be able to delay treatment or have an extraction. Often it is better to save your tooth with root canal treatment particularly if you don’t want to have a gap that could lead to various problems as explained in the section on extraction. Although it is often better to keep your natural tooth, click onto the links about a Dental implant, bridge or a denture if you want the tooth extracted and an artificial tooth instead.

Our team of highly trained dentists at Al Tabeeb Dental are proud to have carried out root canal treatments for many years as painlessly as possible with great results. Only the safest techniques, most effective anaesthetics and accurate dental instruments are used, so rest assured we can provide you with peace of mind if you require root canal treatment.