List of your duties:


1. To comply with all laws and regulations of the Ministry of Health and local customs

2. Bring proof of your identity

3. The obligation not to smoke inside the center

4. Inform your physician about all the information concerning your health such as:

(A) The symptoms you complain about

(B) any disease you have recently experienced or are still experiencing in the hospital before?

(D) the medicine you are currently using Any other information related to your

health such as (family history)

(H) notify the doctor of previous surgeries and treatment you have done in any other facility previously

5. If you do not understand what the doctor or any of the medical team tells you about your condition,

ask for more explanation.

6. follow to the appointments given to you

7. You must understand that some cases have priority according to their health status so they have priority

in receiving treatment without delay

8. You must comply with the instructions of your doctor and medical team and you will be responsible for

the consequencesof not following the instructions

9. Preserve the holdings of the health facility and disseminate of this culture to the members of your family

10. Strengthen the family connection between you and the medical team of the health facility and other patients

11. To abide by general rules and respect the religious, doctrinal and intellectual beliefs of others

12 - Follow safety regulations and instructions at the health facility


List of your rights:


1. You deserve to receive comprehensive care, respects and privacy in a clean and cooperative environment

2 - deserve to recivev high quality care by you competent and trained staff

You have the right to know the name of your doctor or nurse

4. You have the right to be aware of the diagnosis, treatment plan and potential complications of the crisis

5. You have the right to refuse sharing your file with any one other than medical within the Center

You have the right to discuss the medical condition and the treatment you receive

7. You have the right to privacy and confidentiality when reciving treatment and have a person of the same sex

during the clinical examination

8. You have the right to be aware of the extent to which your health condition is affected if you refuse the treatment

9. You are entitled to protection and safety while you are in the establishment respect and appreciation from

all technical staff and administrative center

10. You are entitled have complete confidentiality of your health and social information

11. Respect for your cultural, social, religious, sectarian and spiritual values ​​and beliefs

12. You have the right to recieve translation services when you recieving treatment by a non-Arabic speaking doctor

13. You have the right to obtain a copy of Rights and Duties

14. You have the right to refuse to participate in research or to withdraw from any research you have committed to participate

15. You have the right to submit a written, your oral proposed complaint or any other note to the Director of the Center

16. You have the right to ask what you dont know because asking leads you to knowledge

17. You have the right to request a transfer to any hospital and to choose a doctor for you and your family