• You should bite on the piece of gauze placed by the doctor for an hour.
• Put ice pad on the cheek in place of operation for a quarter of an hour alternately for two hours.
• Avoid eating until  anesthesia disappears.
• Must adhere to medicines prescribed by the doctor at the specified time.
• Do not drink or eat anything hot for 24 hours.
• Do not exercise during the first 48 hours after dental implants.
• Do not touch the  area with your tongue or finger.
Having blood in the saliva within the first 24 hours after is normal.  bleeding can be controlled by placing gauze on the area of ​​the operation and gently biting it for 30 minutes. Repeat these steps until the bleeding is less.
Swelling after dental implants is expected, swelling can be reduced by using ice packs and placing them on the cheek in the implant area.  within the first 48 hours after dental implants to reduce swelling.
Antibiotics :
All prescribed antibiotics should be taken to prevent infections at the place of dental implants.
Oral hygiene:
To be properly cured after dental implants, oral hygiene should be maintained. Clean teeth as usual Use the mouthwash prescribed by the doctor twice a day, as well as rinse with warm water and salt 4 to 5 times a day (preferably after each meal).
Finally .. Important tips after the installation of teeth over implants:
Dental implants are prone to infections such as natural teeth, so they must be maintained from infections by brushing and cleaning like natural teeth completely.
Gingivitis is the first problem of dental implants, which cause bone loss and then lead to failure implants,