one of the most innovative techniques in the world of  beauty, a non-surgical cosmetic treatment. 
 In addition to the temporary complications immediately after treatment, which is lasting for no more than 48 hours, the  adv of Mesotherapy is characterized by the absence of any side effects, Cosmetic treatment using mesotherapy for local injections. This technique is used to solve various skin problems, treat hair loss problems, dissolve fat and remove cellulite.
Benefits of Mesotherapy for Skin
 Remove wrinkles and signs of aging.
 Remove skin pigments and ulcers.
 Treatment of acne effects.
 Treatment of body cracks..
 Rejuvenation of the skin and its vitality and youth.
 activate blood circulation.
 Treatment of facial pores and improve the shape of the face.
The prohibited categories of use of Mesotherapy:
 Heart patients.
 Pregnant and nursing.
 Cancer patients.
 Diabetics.
 Who have had blood clots or blood diseases.
 who have had strokes.
 People with skin infections.
 Psoriasis sufferers.
 Herpes patients.
 People with immune diseases.
 Method of using Mesotherapy:
 This technique is used in two ways. The doctor determines which methods are appropriate for the patient's condition:
 1 /  manual injection methods, using precise injection needles, are injected deeply into the layers of the skin medium, and most characteristic of this method is the doctor's control over the depth of injection.
 2 / The use of precision injection devices, and these devices in the form of a pistol, where the needles of injection, and characterized this method of speed, accuracy, and stability.
Temporary side effects of mesotherapy:
 swelling 
 appearance of bruises.
Sensation of pain.
 microbial infection.
 allergic reactions.
Notes for the Mesotherapy:
 The patient may need from five to fifteen sessions, depending on the condition of the patient
 The patient needs a session every week, two weeks, a month or every year as the case may be.
 Anyone of different ages can benefit from the Mesotherapy technique, available for ages 18-75 years.
 Note the difference after the first session by 24 hours.
 The patient does not need anesthesia during injection.
 The substances used for injections are vasodilators, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle stress relievers, protein-status enzymes, biological substances, vitamins, and hormones.
 The period of use of treatment ten months to a year, may need the patient to treatment again, and may return the skin to the previous state if the treatment was stopped.